About Us

” I have always had the passion and love for people especially, children and the
elderly. I have the greatest passion to share whatever I have been blessed by God
with others. I simply see myself as a “distributor for God.” This passion clearly
surfaced when I visited my local in Ghana in February 2007 where I distributed
quantities of school materials to children in the school where I had my primary
and middle school education at Akumsa Domase in the Nkoranza district of the
Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. The more I recollect my visit through pictures
taken and video cassette, the greater my passion moves me to reach out the more.
Where I find myself, there is always the zeal and love to out for opportunities to
she the little that I have been blessed with others and also to bring smiles and
assurance to people. It is like saying to them “be blessed with this little gift from
me, be assured of the greatest good, nothing is too late yet, it will be fine with you
by the God’s divine power and potentialities in you
hence the name Blessed Assurance Foundation. “


School children in the community, from personal experience, lack basic learning and teaching materials. Blessed Assurance Foundation seeks to fix this by procuring those basic necessities and, in the course of time later add computers and cutting edge learning technologies.

Blessed Assurance

 Blessed Assurance Foundation also gives attention to the elderly in the community. If an elder has no children to take care of him or her, they become like orphans with no one to help and no one to turn to. Worse still, if they are stigmatized as wizards or witches, they live in fear of violence against them in addition to being ostracized. The elderly also, deserve the dignity of health care, food, shelter and clothing, and B.A.F is committed to reaching to them too with the love of God.

Be part of a change
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Our Mission

Our mission and passion is to ensure the well-being and improve the quality of life of the
children and through better education. How these children fare as a whole depends not
only on their access to education and vocational skills, but also on the satisfaction of their
basic needs. I am willing to help these children in any way possible.

About Us

The Blessed Assurance Foundation is an organization in the Nkoranza district of the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana, West Africa.



Blessed Assurance Foundation
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