About Us

schoolSchool children in the community, from personal experience, lack basic learning and teaching materials. Blessed Assurance Foundation seeks to fix this by procuring those basic necessities and, in the course of time later add computers and cutting edge learning technologies.

Closely related to this is the construction of an orphanage to create a home for orphans and abandoned children in the community. Its importance cannot be overemphasized. Its necessity is brought about not by the unwillingness of families within the community to help, but because of their financial inability to house and care for these children. Moreover, since no such facility exists in any nearby town of village, these children will – without the basic care and shelter an orphanage provides – be in greater danger of diseases, gangs, sex traffickers, or other abuse. With so much potential, these children deserve an opportunity to better themselves and to positively impact the world.

elderly man 1

 Blessed Assurance Foundation also gives attention to the elderly in the community. If an elder has no children to take care of him or her, they become like orphans with no one to help and no one to turn to. Worse still, if they are stigmatized as wizards or witches, they live in fear of violence against them in addition to being ostracized. The elderly also, deserve the dignity of health care, food, shelter and clothing, and B.A.F is committed to reaching to them too with the love of God.